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Checkride tips

Post  RenBabcock on Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:57 pm

Thought i'd share a Checkride tip or two.

One tip I got from a pro-pilot buddy was "Dress nice, bring cash". It is customary for a DPE (designated pilot examiners) to request payment before beginning the checkride. Nothing gets you off to a good start like a big wad of cash.

Following the topic of another thread - ipad use for charts is allowed by some examiners. On my instrument checkride with Zenda, she was more than happy to do this and mentioned she uses an Ipad herself. Bring a full set of paper charts as a backup, and carry them within arm's reach in the aircraft when you fly.

Another ipad tip - if you use foreflight (and some other programs do this) you can download useful documents like the airplane flying handbook, instrument flying handbook and a bunch of others. Download them and have them available at the checkride. I got stumped by an obscure question on the oral exam, and she asked where I might find that information. I replied "the instrument flying handbook.... which I have right here"

Hopefully some of our other mentors can share tips, and if anyone is about to take a checkride and has a question, ask away.


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